As a seasoned Software Engineer with over 7 years of hands-on experience, I have honed my skills in developing robust software applications. My proficiency spans across various IT technologies, reflecting a deep-rooted passion for tackling complex challenges and driving innovation. I thrive on opportunities that push boundaries, allowing me to blend personal development with professional growth. Committed to excellence, I continuously strive to remain at the forefront of the dynamic landscape of software engineering, delivering outstanding results with every project I undertake.


AI chatbot for healthcare

An AI healthcare bot is a powerful tool that can assist patients with booking and managing appointments, detecting diseases based on symptoms, map appointments to the appropriate doctor and department, and providing basic first aid information. With its advanced capabilities, the bot can improve patient experience, reduce healthcare costs, and increase efficiency in the healthcare industry.

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cooking bot

CookingBot is a chatbot trained using a Bidirectional LSTM neural network to assist users with their cooking-related questions and needs. It was developed to provide quick and easy recipe ideas, cooking techniques, and ingredient substitutions.

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